Publishing Perlenspiel Games

Here’s how you can share a Perlenspiel game with anyone on the internet.

You will need all of your game files as well as a Dropbox account.

  1. Copy your entire game folder to your Dropbox Public folder. It will not work in any other folder on Dropbox. Example: I copied my game, BreadPuzzle, into my Public folder, so that the game.html is located at \Public\BreadPuzzle\game.html
  2. In a browser, log into
  3. Navigate to your game’s folder in your Public folder.
  4. Select the game.html.
  5. Click the “Copy Public Link” option from the list of options above the files. Example:
  6. Change the URL to remove the ‘s’ from ‘https’ at the beginning. Example:
  7. Copy the URL.
  8. Test that URL in another browser tab.
  9. Share the URL!

The example, Bread Puzzle:

You can also use this URL in a porfolio website such as Wix. You can use it as a direct link, or embed it as an iframe.

If you have your own hosting, you can simply upload your project folder to a sub-directory and use that as a link instead, saving much of this trouble.

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